Configuring a custom SSL certificate in Zentyal

Posted on Sun 25 April 2021 in Tech

Zuper-quick post for when this bites me again in the future!

Tonight I upgraded from Zentyal 6.2 to Zentyal 7.0. Smooth as butter, everything went great.

Until I logged in, and my shiny Actual Paid Money SSL certificate had vanished, replaced by a self-signed commoner's certificate. Piffle.

Instructions for installing a custom SSL certificate in Zentyal are actually kinda shaky, so here you go:

cd /var/lib/zentyal/conf/ssl/
mkdir old
mv * old
nano ssl.key
nano ssl.cert
cat ssl.cert ssl.key > ssl.pem
chmod 0400 ssl*

That's it! Your Private Key lives in ssl.key, and your SSL certificate lives in ssl.cert.

Reboot, and job done.