StarCraft Remastered broken under Wine

Posted on Mon 09 December 2019 in Tech • Tagged with Tech

I know this post is only going to be relevant for a couple of weeks, but today I tried to launch StarCraft Remastered under WINE and it crashed.

Pertinent info: StarCraft Version WINE version 4.20-staging Battle.Net version

Fix was to open the Battle.Net settings -> Game Settings -> "Launch 32-bit client (instead of 64-bit)"

Apparently the 64-bit version has become the default sometime since I last played it (October?!):

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Inside the Check Point 1180

Posted on Sun 28 April 2019 in Tech • Tagged with Tech

I've got a spare Check Point 1180 here, and I'm fiddling around with it a bit. Learnings so far:

  • Platform: ARM
  • CPU / RAM: ARM926EJ-S, 512MB RAM
  • System board: Marvell RD-88f6281A LE

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When a docking station wrecks your breakfast

Posted on Sat 23 February 2019 in Tech • Tagged with Tech

It's been a while since I posted, but we bumped into something completely batshit crazy at work that I just had to share.

One of my colleagues was setting up a new computer, and was unable to RDP into the new build. He kept getting the error message "Your session ended because there was a data encryption error. If this keeps happening, ask your admin or tech support for help."

"Your session ended because there was a data encryption error."

We'd never experienced this error before, and - although the internet knew about it - there were not very many helpful hits …

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New things I didn't know about Wireguard

Posted on Thu 27 December 2018 in Tech • Tagged with Tech, Security, Wireguard, Networking, Linux

This is part of my brief series on Wireguard. I'm pretty enamoured with Wireguard and the way it works, and I've been using it pretty seamlessly for over a year now. I've learned a couple things that weren't immediately obvious though, so I'm documenting them here.

Easy Provisioning

Samuel Holland mentioned an interesting trinket, in his post at

"[...] WireGuard will ignore a peer whose public key matches the interface's private key. So you can distribute a single list of peers everywhere …

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When AppArmor eats your breakfast

Posted on Mon 19 March 2018 in Tech • Tagged with Security, Tech, Linux

I've knocked heads with AppArmor a few times now. To be quite honest with myself, I think it's primarily because I install it, enable all the plugins, and then forget it's there until there's a problem.


On a fully-updated Zentyal 5.0 system running DHCP, the AppArmor profile in /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.dhcpd will prevent isc-dhcp-server from restarting itself after an upgrade.

More search-type words: Zentyal dhcp server doesn't start again after upgrade. isc-dhcp-server graceful shutdown, but no restart.

This frustration-laden, Google-friendly equivalent of speaking slowly …

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Installing PowerChute Network Shutdown on ProxmoxVE

Posted on Tue 27 February 2018 in Tech • Tagged with Tech, Linux

This is going to be one of those posts where I just dump stuff. Power failures are shite, and if your server isn't talking with your UPS, it won't shut down gracefully. This is the story of my trying to get APC's PowerChute Network Shutdown working on a ProxmoxVE 5.1 environment.

Note I opted out of using either nut or apcupsd, because I had a nice fancy Network Management Card (NMC2 / Schneider AP9631) available. Also, I wanted to shut down more than a single server, so a USB or …

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Getting rid of the # format in Flex

Posted on Fri 12 January 2018 in Tech • Tagged with Tech, Pelican

Back when I was getting this blog set up, I had a short whinge about the default way that the Flex theme created links to pages.

Specficially, creating a link to "Tuna Patties" (for example), Flex would append the link with an identical stub, such as

I thought this was silly, so I found a way to fix it, but never bothered submitting a Pull Request to Alexandre because I figured it was intentional.

Well, it turns out I wasn't the only one …

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Fix Dell Keyboard Backlight under Debian

Posted on Thu 11 January 2018 in Tech • Tagged with Tech, Linux

My personal laptop is an old Dell Latitude E6410. One of the things I actually love about it, is the fact that the keyboard has a backlight.

However, because Linux, sometimes that backlight just stops working. When this happens, you'll see error messages in dmesg, such as:

dell_wmi: Unknown key with type 0x0011 and code 0x01e2 pressed

If this happens to you, just run this command:

$ sudo echo 7 > /sys/devices/platform/dell-laptop/leds/dell\:\:kbd_backlight/brightness

You can echo a higher number if you want your keyboard brighter, but …

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Mikrotik RouterOS - incorrect SNMP status for idle WLAN interfaces

Posted on Sun 07 January 2018 in Tech • Tagged with Tech

While trying to monitor the status of one of our wireless access points, I discovered that RouterOS returns an incorrect SNMP status code for the wlan interfaces when there are no clients connected to the interface. This is at least present in RouterOS v6.40.3, on a Mikrotik cAPlite (RBcAPL-2nD).

Specifically, when the wifi interface is up, but has zero connected clients, the OID returns an SNMP value of 2 ("down"). This status is incorrect - the interface isn't down, it's merely waiting for an external connection.

The specific OID …

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When the problem is DNS: FreeNAS and NFS

Posted on Sun 07 January 2018 in Tech • Tagged with Tech, Linux

I discovered a while ago that NFS requires DNS to function correctly:

That's somewhat annoying, because when your DNS server goes down (and your backups are stored on your FreeNAS server and accessed over NFS), is precisely the time when you really want your backups to be accessible.

However, turns out it doesn't aaaaactuallyyyyy need DNS... it needs name resolution. Specifically, FreeNAS just needs to be able to resolve it's own hostname. Cue the handy-dandy hosts file.

Under Network -> Global Configuration -> Host name data …

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