Goldenhorse - Wake Up Brother bass tab

Posted on Sat 19 February 2022 in Ramblings

I know Goldenhorse didn't get particularly huge, but I always really enjoyed their work. Wake Up Brother is one of those ones that really feels like an achievable song for a small band - it's got solid, driving bass; a groovy bright guitar line; and requires quite a dynamic singer to pull it off.

Some friends and I are planning to add it to our band's repertoire, but the bassline is a bit too complex for us to transcribe properly. And the song wasn't particularly well-known, so there's really only one public bass tab, and it wasn't really comprehensive enough... So I turned to Fiverr!

There are a bunch of folks there who will transcribe bass tab - but one of them stuck out to me, so I decided to work with georgex0006.

I was super impressed with his speed and quality of work. I never could have nailed the bassline as well as he did, and providing a playalong video as well is 100% awesome.

I'm sharing the bass tab and playalong here, with his permission. If you need someone to do some bass tab for you, please give him your support!

And for my personal use (and yours, if you own the album), I purchased a .FLAC of the track which is stored here. However if you don't already own it, please pay for it yourself first, or listen to it on YouTube where they can deal with copyright issues.