Goldenhorse - Wake Up Brother bass tab

Posted on Sat 19 February 2022 in Ramblings

I know Goldenhorse didn't get particularly huge, but I always really enjoyed their work. Wake Up Brother is one of those ones that really feels like an achievable song for a small band - it's got solid, driving bass; a groovy bright guitar line; and requires quite a dynamic singer to pull it off.

Some friends and I are planning to add it to our band's repertoire, but the bassline is a bit too complex for us to transcribe properly. And the song wasn't particularly well-known, so there's really only one …

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Your mate Eric, and his journey through depression

Posted on Thu 08 October 2020 in Ramblings

A couple of months ago, the team at my day job asked me to write something for Mental Health Awareness Week, so today I'm sharing some of my personal experiences around depression. It's one of my longer articles, but the key message I want you to hear is: If you're struggling, speak with someone. Seriously, just lean over to your mate now and say "Hey, did you see that article from Eric today?" – that's all it takes to start a conversation, and believe me: sharing your feelings is a solid …

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Kate Bush - Army Dreamers guitar tab

Posted on Sun 30 August 2020 in Ramblings

Some friends and I have been working on our own version of Army Dreamers, by Kate Bush. The original version is replete with instruments, including a prominent Mandolin, some background violins, a synth of some sort, and even the sound of a rifle being racked. Since we're two guitarists, a bassist, and a singer, there's quite a bit of arranging to do to make it work.

Although there's plenty of tab around for the mandolin part, that's only a few notes, with the violin part kicking in immediately afterwards. I …

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My mountain

Posted on Sat 06 June 2020 in Ramblings

Landscape photography of Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngauruhoe, covered in white snow

I got a tattoo a couple years ago, which is a sketch outline of Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngauruhoe, in the Central Plateau of New Zealand.

The photo that the tattoo, which the tattoo was based on, was just the result of a Google search. I've tried to find it many times since I actually got the tattoo - at very least just so I could give credit to the photographer. However, to no avail.

The other day I happily found a copy of the photo, and went to Google's Reverse …

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Welcome to the Internet

Posted on Sat 15 October 2016 in Ramblings

Well, I'm finally here.

I've never really run a blog before... I did write a bunch of stuff back when I ran Gravity Computing; it just was never really "bloggy". That content has now been moved to Efficient Software, but I'll probably copy my parts back over here when time permits.

I really have no intention of running a blog, but I do come across interesting and challenging problems all the time, which I'd like to share with people who are, apparently, just like you.

I've got a couple things …

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