American Crew's Moisturising Shave Cream

Posted on Sat 29 December 2018 in Shaving • Tagged with Shaving

Yanno how I said it's hard to find American Crew aftershave? Well my better half went out yesterday and found a place in lil'old Te Awamutu that sells their shaving range: Team Seven, beside Viands. She bought me a bottle of my favourite "Post-Shave Cooling Lotion" (oh my god that name), but also got me a tube of their "Moisturising Shave Cream" to try. For shiggles.

Clearly, American Crew are better at chemical formulation than they are at coming up with names. But I digress.

Whelp I whipped out my …

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Proraso Azur Lime aftershave balm

Posted on Fri 28 December 2018 in Shaving • Tagged with Shaving

Gather around, children, and I'll regale you with a tale of tonight's shaving.

My go-to razor setup at the moment is my Edwin Jagger DE89, with Derby Extra blades. But that's not new.

You might remember that my favourite aftershave is American Crew's "Post Shave Cooling Lotion". I've been using this almost exclusively for about 5 years now, and I love it. It's wonderfully soothing, and it's a fairly thin balm so it's easy to avoid overly-thick application. It's also not as thin as a milk (such as "The Standard …

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