The Actual Best Sous Vide Eggs... ™

Posted on Mon 28 December 2020 in Food

Inkbird were having a special in November, so I got a sous vide for Christmas! There are heaps of places with recipes for the best sous vide eggs, most notably the always-outstanding Serious Eats, but also an excellent write-up on Salt Pepper Skillet, and of course sous vide manufacturer Anova Culinary with a somewhat briefer post.

I submit to you that none of these are the best sous vide eggs. In my eyes, the best egg has a completely opaque white (not rubbery and not snot), with a semicooked gooey yolk like a cross between honey and custard. Like this one:

My beautiful egg, smooshed on a piece of bread.

The closest recipe on the pages I cited is the 13.5 minute egg at 75°C. This is really close, but I found the yolk was a bit overcooked, and the white undercooked. Absolute conundrum.

My fix? A slightly hotter temperature, and take your eggs straight outta the fridge. I found 76°C (169°F) for the vaunted 13.5 minutes managed to get the outer white to a non-snot texture, while the pre-chilledness of the egg kept the yolk from overcooking.