Getting rid of the # format in Flex

Posted on Fri 12 January 2018 in Tech • Tagged with Tech, Pelican

Back when I was getting this blog set up, I had a short whinge about the default way that the Flex theme created links to pages.

Specficially, creating a link to "Tuna Patties" (for example), Flex would append the link with an identical stub, such as

I thought this was silly, so I found a way to fix it, but never bothered submitting a Pull Request to Alexandre because I figured it was intentional.

Well, it turns out I wasn't the only one …

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Tidying up Pelican's URLs with the Flex theme

Posted on Sun 23 October 2016 in Tech • Tagged with Pelican

This is just a brain-dump of tweaks I've made to my Pelican environment to get tidy URLs. In summary: One theme tweak, one Nginx tweak.

Making the Flex Theme drop the ugly url#slug format:

I've decided I'm going to roll with the Flex theme for a while. I like it, but it had this habit of putting anchors and slugs into my article URLs.

For example, my first page is known to Pelican as "welcome-to-the-internet". However, links to the page were automatically created as "welcome-to-the-internet#welcome-to-the-internet". It seems redundant …

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